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Pet Bathing

Help your pet look and feel great.

In addition to helping your pet live a long, healthy life, we want them to look and feel their best. That's why we offer regular baths and full shave downs for dogs and cats. 

We do *not* offer grooming/hair cut services. If behavior prevents our staff from safely handling your pet, then sedation may be recommended or required. 

And as important as they are for basic hygiene, we know nail trims and ear cleanings can be as exhausting for you as they are for your furry friend - but don’t worry, we can do those too.

Our Pet Grooming Services

We’re proud to offer our clients the following services:

  • Nail trims
  • Ear cleaning
  • Shampooing and conditioning
  • Shave down

Call us at (770) 995-0908 to book your pet’s bathing appointment. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

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